Glass office partitions (корпоративным клиентам)

Aluminum framed office partitions allow to quickly redesign any premises, not demolishing block walls, retaining a sense of open space and with no interruption of the client company workflow. Partitions profiles have different thicknesses, so there is an opportunity to create a soundproof room that is no worse than in premises with main walls.

Fire-preventive fireproof partitions in addition to aesthetic appearance can block the spread of fire in the building , as well as to create conditions for the safe evacuation of people and protection the paths by which the firefighting will be executed in buildings and structures . Fire resistance of such walls is ensured by the use of extremely effective method of bonding a special fire resistant glass to the aluminum profiles. The distinctive feature of such glass is the ability to form a heat- expandable layer of coke at high temperatures [150 — 300C].


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