Façade systems (корпоративным клиентам)

Post-transom (stick frame) system, is an internal aluminum support frame made of mullions an transoms, together with the external covering cap with decorative overlays. Post-transom system is a classical façade glazing system, and at the moment is the most common type of façade systems which can be easily installed and has a relatively low price.

Half-structural glazing — a combination of stick frame and structural glazing systems, where the glass is fixed in a combined way — visible from the outside only vertical or only horizontal caps, thus giving the building an additional size horizontally (or vertically). The caps for the lines in the other direction are replaced with the gasket or the space is embedded with silicone sealant resistant to changing weather conditions.

Structural façade glazing is a glazing without aluminum profile on the outer part of the façade. Such glazing brings the effect of lightness and integrity of the structure and allows to create all-glass buildings with no visible profile on the outer part of the facade, as double glazed units are fixed with adhesive sealant.

Spider glazing is one of the most expressive applications of glass in architecture. Minimum number of structural elements and the maximum visual transparency allow to create a unique architecture of the future — graceful exterior and interior aesthetic, abundance of natural light, feel of spaciousness and blurring the boundaries between the premises and the environment.

Panel glazing is an innovative, fundamentally new facade glazing solution. A distinctive feature here is the standardization of the elements of the constructions at the design and assembly stage: the panels are manufactured in the factory conditions up to the ready-to-install segments of the facade, that ensures high quality of the constructions. Double glazed units and opening segments are bonded into the ready-to-install segments. The advantages are the minimal production time, especially for installation, that can be done in almost any weather conditions.


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