Window and door systems (корпоративным клиентам)

Aluminum doors and windows. Lightweight and at the same time practical, aluminum profile is perfect for aluminum windows and doors fabrication. Aluminum windows and doors constructions do not only meet all the requirements of modern standards (thermal and acoustic insulation, airtightness, etc.), but also allow to create windows of any forms, sizes and types of openings.

Aluminum entrance lobby — a hallmark of the building, it is the first thing that any visitor sees, entered the building.
Key advantages:
— variety of architectural decisions;
— structural strength with excellent corrosion resistance and durability ;
— high speed of installation;
— high fire resistance.

Automatic doors — the ideal solution for the majority of the modern developments, such as houses, office premises, shopping malls and business centers, restaurants, boutiques, beauty salons and car dealerships, etc. Variety of sizes, configurations, additional options and designs, all these easily allow to find customized technical solutions. Automatic sliding doors are the sign of a modern building, prestige and comfort.


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