In 2014, our company became the winner of the "Altyn Sapa" Award granted by the President of Republic of Kazakhstan in the category "The Best Production Enterprise". The event took place in the Palace of Independence, where the President of Republic of Kazakhstan was personally granting the Award, which emphasizes its significance. The "Altyn Sapa" Award is granted annually on the contest basis for the best performance in the area of product and service quality as well as for successful implementation of high efficiency methods of quality management. This is a result of big, rigorous and multi-year efforts of the tight-knit team of like-minded people. However, this result would not be possible without fruitful cooperation with our partners. Only close relations and correctly established fair partnership can pave the way for professional development of each employee of the enterprise: from an ordinary worker to a manager. Pursuing the best and the most successful samples of market behavior allows to achieve your own high results. Our victory is our common labor and common result!

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