Aluminum constructions

Aluminum constructions are used for façade glazing, skylights, winter gardens, bay windows, pavilions and other structures, as well as for windows, doors and balconies glazing in houses and apartments.

Key advantages and features of aluminum profile:

1. Service life and resistance to external impacts. The minimum expected lifetime of aluminum profiles is more than 80 years, with only accessories (hardware, gaskets and sealants) that are subject to upgrade. Aluminum constructions are resistant to extreme temperatures, corrosion, UV exposure, acid precipitation.

2. Durability and reliability. Aluminum constructions durability lightweight properties allow to create the most challenging and sophisticated architectural solutions, including large-scale architectural structures that bear heavy loads.

3. Unlimited possibilities. Aluminum constructions can be painted in any color, perfectly combined with each other and with other materials. Due to the structural strength of the structures a more narrow window frames can be used, which in turn increases the ability to transmit light into the premises

4.Environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless to humans. Aluminum profile does not emit any harmful substances at all stage of its processing, has no smell.

5. Easy installation. Installation of the constructions can be made at any time of the year in a fairly quick time as in the new developments or in the old buildings.

However, aluminum has disadvantages:

1. High thermal conductivity. Aluminum profile has a high thermal conductivity coefficient that is why it is usually divided into two types: “warm” and “cold”. “Warm” aluminum profile consists of three parts — two profiles are interconnected with plastic insert — bridging (thermal break), which serves as an insulator between the cold outer and the warm inside chambers. By its thermal insulation properties “warm” profile is meets the PVC profiles characteristics.

2. Susceptibility to corrosion. Prolonged contact of aluminum with certain kinds of metals with the assistance of water can lead to partial or complete destruction of the profile. This can be avoided by completely eliminating any contact of metals-conductors with the aluminum profile surface .

3. The sensitivity of the coating. Aluminum profile is very sensitive to scratches and restore the paint layer in case of damage is very problematic.


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