Metal reinforced plastic constructions

Nowadays, metal reinforced plastic (uPVC) constructions are a practical and economical choice. Plastic has a high performance characteristics and a range of significant advantages compared to wood and aluminum, including a more attractive price.

What does “metal reinforced plastic construction” mean? It is a construction of plastic profile (unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC)), a kind of shell, which provides thermal insulation and aesthetic appearance of the product. and the steel reinforcing profile that improves the structural strength of the construction.

The main advantages of plastic constructions:

1. Durability and resistance to weather conditions

Lifecycle of a quality uPVC products is not less than 20 years while such products are insensitive to snow, rain, hail, storm, temperature extremes.

2. Aesthetic appearance

Modern production technologies allow to produce various colors, sizes and shapes (rectangular, arched, pointed, round, etc.) of construction of any design and style to any interior, both for home and office.

3. Impermeability

Products from uPVC have exceptionally high thermal and sound insulation due to the sealing all joints and use of double glazed units.

4. Easy operation and maintenance

Modern hardware allows to provide different planes of product flaps openings. Maintenance of plastic products is extremely easy – they can be cleaned with common detergents that do not contain solvents or abrasive substances .

5. Fire safety

uPVC constructions meet all fire safety standards, both national and international, as uPVC is a flame retardant and self-extinguishing material .

6. Environmentally friendly and totally harmless to humans

Environmentally friendliness of uPVC profile confirmed with special certificates. Furthermore, products from plastic are affected by a variety of mold and mildew


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