VEKA Euroline Pro — is a new and improved profile system, already successfully proven itself in the climate conditions of Northern Kazakhstan.

It is a 3 — chamber construction with 58 mm widths and 2 level seal made of a modern material — synthetic rubber. At a relatively low height it retains maximum light aperture, and allows to use the 3 — chamber system in the harsh climate of Kazakhstan.

4 Reasons to choose VEKA Euroline Pro:

  • High level of sound insulation, that ensures peace and serenity at your home.
  • Durable plastic is unpretentious in maintenance and easily tolerate the vagaries of Kazakhstani weather.
  • Maximum light aperture (up to 109 mm) at a relatively low height (frame profile height 64 mm, sash 75 mm).
  • Special galvanized steel reinforcement ensures rigidity of the construction with a large margin of strength.


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