Softline 82

VEKA Softline 82 — high quality window profile system developed by VEKA international trust specialists in 2010.

The main distinguishing feature is the ability to design and manufacture high-quality plastic windows with a record-breaking performance in the field of energy efficiency and a wide range of opportunities in noise protection.

Window systems that are able to retain heat and can withstand strong gusts of wind all year round are in great demand in Central and Northern Kazakhstan. New 7 — chamber profile has a 82 mm width and 3 level seals that allow to meet modern requirements to the energy-efficient windows.

5 reasons to choose the profile system SoftLine 82:

  • High energy efficiency class: installation of a window from this profile helps significantly reduce heating costs and universally suitable as for new constructions and country cottages.
  • Wide German Class «A» VEKA 82 mm profile is a reliable foundation for windows — the key to durability of the construction.
  • Ability to have windows of any color: You can be sure that the windows will fit perfectly into the architecture of your home, as during the order placement by the Alcon + company manager you can choose the color and coating/coloring method.
  • Use of a special closed section reinforcement: even a strong gusty wind will not weaken the window construction and will not reduce its service life because of the additional reinforcement frame used in the windows.
  • Three level seal: elastic seals by Shlegel manufacturer (white or brown color) are considered to be a reliable protection from noise, cold and dump.


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